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6Inch Clay Bar Buffing Pad Kit 5Psc/Pack Car Wax Applicator Pads Car Washing Polisher Pad Car Care Paint Cleaner Magic Clay Sponge Disc

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The Tornador  MARFLO Interior Cleaning Tool is a pneumatically operated suction spray gun which very finely atomizes soap, water and air and dispenses it under high pressure. It removes dirt and grime quickly and uses lower consumption of the cleaning product (Tornador Super Soap). The newly developed rotation-set in the nozzle of the new Tornador  MARFLO is more powerful and cleans faster than the original Tornador Interior Cleaning Tool. There is No wear of rotary hose and funnel as the medium guide is ball-bearing and does not come into contact with the nozzle.

For professional car detailing companies the new Tornador MARFLO is a must-have! You will save time, energy and cleaning chemicals, because the new Tornador  MARFLO works more powerful and more efficient on less air-pressure than the original Tornador. The compressed-air driven suction feed gun rotates spirally during operation and loosens dust particles with extremely high power from the surface. Makes cleaning an interior a cinch!








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Product information


Diameter:150 mm

Clay Pad Grade:Medium

Color:As the pictures shows

Package:Blister Packing

Packing List:Clay Pad * 5


1) Quickly and effectively remove surface contaminants
2) Attached to dual action polisher with hook and loop technology
3) Save time and effort of traditional detailing clay
4) Safe and gentle on automotive paint
5) Result in a silky smooth paint finish
6) Diameter 6″ 


How to Use?

1. Wash away dirt and sand from car thoroughly. Do not wipe dry;

2. Soak the magic clay bar (cloth,mitt, block, pad,towel) completely in water or car wash liquid and gently wipe over the whole car (including windscreen and windows) 

3. During use, soak the magic clay side again and rinse with water before continue using to avoid dirt particles from scratching the paint;

4.After wiping over the whole car, rinse car again with water;

5.The whole car should be wiped dry before waxing begins;

6.Any scratches or white spots found can be removed by using car wax;

Expiration Date: Store in cool, dry place to preserve product durability.


1) Do not use together with petroleum-based cleaning agent (such as asphalt cleanser or car polish)
2) Wipe gentle and do not apply high pressure when using product to prevent scratching;
3) If any scratches occur, apply fine car wax to remove the scratch on the car body;
4) Do not place the product (magic clay pad, magic clay towel, magic clay block magic clay mitt) in high temperatures above 40 degrees cover a long period.
5) Avoid washing or waxing your car under sunny or high temperatures.
6) When product is found to be severely soiled upon use, replace immediately to avoid scratching car paint;
7) Wring dry after use and store in original container.


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magic clay bar pad kit Detailing clay kit car wash mud sponge pads car wash sponge set car washing pad Polishing Sponge Pads Wax Polishing Pads